The inner workings of the CL integration

My other thread is about getting it to work (which I haven’t yet) - but this is about how it works when it does.

Can someone help me understand how the CL integration figures out how to assign names from the CL consoles onto the tracks in Nuendo Live?

I mean - as far as I understand, what is meant to be the “basic” setup is to route channels directly from the Yamaha RIO-boxes to Nuendo Live via Dante Virtual Soundcard. But the names and colors of the channels do not reside in the RIO-boxes - they live in the console.

So am I correct in assuming, that the only way to accomplish this piece of automation, is to have Nuendo (or some other component in the system?) check out what channel on the CL-console that particular signal from the RIO-box is patched to, and then take the name and color of that channel and use it in Nuendo Live?

  • So what if the signal from the RIO-box is patched to multiple inputs on the CL-console? Does Nuendo then just use the name and color of the “first” channel?

  • What if there are more than one CL-console on the network? How does Nuendo Live know whether to use the names and colors of the FOH or MON console?

  • What happens when recording from CL-console outputs (Direct Outs and bus outputs)? Does Nuendo Live then know to take the name from that particular channel or bus? (this is more logical / straight ahead, but still it would require automatically switching to a adifferent logic)

I just want to understand the logic behind it. Maybe there’s a much easier way to do it that I’m just not seeing?

Hi BlackBurst,

First, sorry for my bad english.

At startup, Nuendo live take the 64 ch name and color of the CL5 # 1… even if your dante patch is in order or not with your Rio, even if is it a bus out, direct out etc…

You need the Dante Controller to patch the DVS.
For better result, patch the Input of DVS directly to the out of your Rio Rack, not at the output dante patch of your CL5, except if you want record audio with your EQ, Comp…