The instrument positioning of the stage template is not natural

The instrument positioning of the stage template is not natural, can you change the simple panning to binaural panning? It would be nice to add some Haas delays.

Hello -

The default instrument positioning depends on the template you choose, as I assume you’ve played with, and can change/save it for re-use how you will. So I’m guessing you’re mostly referring to the Pan Law?

Since the stage is based on sends and we can put whatever we wish on those sends - Then for the most natural effect, I’ve found that it works well with a four impulse true stereo Reverb (one that will respond to pan positioning.) YMMV. Full disclosure, I don’t usually go for natural exactly, and I’ve only played with stages for a short time just like all of us. So far, I’ve tend to use the T/S just for far, and something “sparkly” for near. But that’s just me.

I don’t know how inserting a binaural VST like say Occulus Spatializer on an instrument would respond to the incoming pan position of an instrument as established by a Dorico (or a DAW for that matter.) I’d be interested in anyone’s experience on that.

Just me (and I guess this is actually beside your point) but I’ve never had great luck with the HAAS effect, ADT, or similar widening. I tend to find that it does the opposite - that it takes up a lot of “room” and by doing so makes the mix seen less spacious and sort of homogenous, especially with many instruments like an orchestra or something. I’m finding the “expand and contract” buttons more useful when the stage is used without it.

Anyway, good conversation and keep or sweep.