The is no Groove Agent SE 5 Manual

When I click Online Help inside Groove Agent SE 5, I get an error saying “Could Not FInd the Manual”.
When I go to Steinberg’s website, I only have options to download either the manual for the FULL version of Groove Agent 5 OR the previous version of Groove Agent SE (4).
Can you please make manual for Groove Agent SE 5 available, or let me know which of the 2 current ones available on Steinberg site I should use?

It´s part of Cubase 10, so simply go to the Cubase 10 manuals and have a thorough look there.

That was the first thing I did. Open the Cubase 10 Pro manual I had downloaded and searched “groove”. A few hits on groove agent SE but nothing more than a passing mention.

So there is not Groove Agent SE5 manual, there is a broken link to it when clicking Help from it inside the About… of GA.
And we don’t know if in the meantime which manual to use… .the GASE4 or the full version GA5.

Not in the Cubase Pro manual, but among the manuals that come with it. :wink:

That´s why I said have a thorough look.

Yup. But to be fair, the help link in the plugin isn’t working.

(OP, all the Steinberg manuals can be found at )

The link works here

  1. Exactly, the help link in the plugin is not working which was the first reason I posted here.
  2. And…WHERE do you see Groove Agent SE5 manual? See screenshot, it is not available. Second reason I posted here.

I did take a look thoroughy before creating this thread!

Anyway, problem solved. Thank you Steve :slight_smile:
Looks like sloppy web content management on behalf of Steinberg!

It is!

It’s here:
But its not here if you follow the path to Groove Agent VST:

If they had put it there, where all the other GA manuals are, this thread would not have wasted our time.

Which is why I wrote

Just to be clear, Groove Agent SE ≠ Groove Agent. The former is a cut-down version included with Cubase Pro, the latter is a standalone application with its own documentation.

Yup. But to be fair, GA SE4 is listed under “Groove Agent” and “Cubase”