The issue of licenses

Good afternoon. I have 2 different versions of Cubase Elements (8, Update 8 in 9) Can I install and use them on different computers: on one version 8, on another version 9? My license will not be blocked for such actions? :question:

You must have 2 LICENSES to do this. From your description, you have one license, which you updated from 8 to 9.

It is 2 separate licenses, and not an update, I understand correctly?

If the ELC shows two separate licenses then yes you can have them on two different computers…does it, though?

That’s why I’m asking. ELC says version 8 and version 9. That’s why I would like to try on different computers, but I’m afraid of losing the license.

In order to run both Cubase versions on both computers at the same time, you need to ensure that each computer has the appropriate license attached to it.

Do both your licenses reside on the same eLicenser?
Do you have one (or more) USB-eLicenser(s), or do your licenses reside on a Soft-eLicenser stored on your computer’s hard drive?

Depending on your setup, the easiest solution could be to obtain an additional USB-eLicenser, then transfer one Cubase license to that USB-eLicenser and attach the USB-eLicenser to the other computer.

Many thanks, I understood everything.