The Jinn

Started working on this a couple of months ago right before I had to take my studio down.
Definitely needs some work. As of now just vocals, bass, guitar, lap steel and a bit of drum machine.

By the way a Jinn is basically a Jeanie or something like it. Sometimes spelled Djin.

nice ,love the lap steel.

Nice vib. Really matches your voice, as always.

I don’t know what work you think needs to be done on this. If I were to change anything, it would be to bring the drums up just a tad. Otherwise, print it.

Your writing reminds me of Fagen, its a pretty huge compliment lol. Drums need work maybe a wurly or rhodes?

When ru in Nashville again?

I really liked the lyrics on this one. Very clever :slight_smile: As always your harmonies are excellent and the lap steel sounds great. I agree that this would sound cool with a Wurli or Rhodes. I heard a few “mouth sounds” between some of the phrases so they would need to edited out.

Good stuff!

enjoyed it!

Sure appreciate the comments.

Kenny, thanks for the comparison to Fagen, he is definitely a huge influence.

No current plans to visit Nashville, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be back up there in the next several months.

You mean Genie, right? Love your stuff. No comments. You don’t need to change anything.

Yeah…good stuff again, Like the words, a think a little lift towards the end would be good, maybe a key change or something…Kevin

That’s a really nice piece of music, and the lap steel was an excellent idea, tastefully played.
There’s a certain vulnerability in your vocal delivery that hinted at Neil Young, even though you
don’t really sound like him.
Please post again if you add more - I’d love to hear this develop, if you choose to build on it.