The key command to focus the MediaBay search field on the right zone?

Hi! Tell me, did Steinberg not add a key command to search in the right zone? We have a search focus only for the big Media Bay, but I don’t need this big window! The little one on the right would always be enough for me. Because of this, i have to open a large media bay every time. Maybe this key is called something else in key commands?

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The only commands I could think of are Focus->(Back,Forward). If you are in another object and start pressing a shortcut assigned to Forward, eventually will get you to the search text box. But most probably this can’t be of any help in automating this task, since there can always be different number of elements to set focus to. Externally, though I know this is not what you asked, sure, you can automate a mouse move and click, using utilities like autoHotKey, BMT and other ones.
Perhaps another user may suggest something much better.