The Key Editor bug is driving me up the wall. Any workarounds?

Quick update: Steinberg got back to me, and asked me to put this hashtag to make sure this thread was picked up by the development team, so here it goes:


(The rep didn’t say it wasn’t, but didn’t confirm it was a bug, and judging by the tag, I assume it would be a new feature. To me it’s a bug, but I don’t care as long as it’s taken care of ASAP)

Original message:

First off, yes, I submitted feedback just now, which I should’ve done months ago. But I still wanted to check with you more experienced Cubase users to see if you found any way to deal with this bug. Here’s what I’m talking about:

When I have the key editor opened to take up the full space of the screen, and I have the Visibility tab on the left, selecting or deselecting tracks randomly causes the focus to shift to bar 0. For example, if you are in bar 271, working with MIDI notes there, comparing them to other tracks, and you start selecting and deselecting tracks, at some point it will jump the focus to bar 0, without any apparent reason. The playhead stays where it was, in bar 271, but the focus is at bar 0. So you have to zoom out and scroll to where the playhead is, then zoom in again. I have done that hundreds of times now, and it’s really getting on my nerves, not to mention making me waste a lot of time, when you add all the seconds it takes me to do that over and over, over and over.

The key editor is a very useful tool for MIDI programming, even more so when it’s taking up the whole screen space. And being able to set the visibility of different tracks to avoid having to close it and then opening it again is a huge time saver, but this bug makes it a time waster when you constantly have to zoom out, scroll to the where the playhead is (or wherever you were working at), then zoom in again.

So, has anyone found a way to deal with this?

One workaround is to toggle Auto-Scroll on and off.

Yeah, I forgot to put that. Double press F. But still, it’s a PITA when you do that hundreds of times. I was asking because in my short history with Cubase of one year and two months, many times I have found that something that was an annoyance actually had a setting enabled or disabled either in the main program preferences or many one of those that are a toggle buried inside submenus.

So I figured, well, maybe this is one of those, or maybe somebody as fed up as I am but with longer experience found a hack, trick, macro, etc, to prevent it from happening. Because double pressing F is not the end of the world, but it still takes you out of the editing when you’re focused on it. Suddenly the context changes drastically, and the notes you were working with are gone.

What I can’t remember is if this is Cubase Pro 13 bug, or if it was in 12 too. I don’t remember working this way much in 12, I think this is a new feature in 13, but I’m not totally sure.

I’m kinda wondering if the visibility tab is not a little buggy all around.

My current problem with it is: if I double click a track (in the visibility tab) to select that track and automatically de-select the current track I’m on, Cubase will automatically select the track I want plus a random track in another folder.

I’m not sure if this is a bug, tho. It is mostly repeatable, but not always.

Sorry, I don’t follow. I think maybe there’s a setting somewhere that you may have enabled and I don’t, because if I double click on any track in the visibility tab, the first click enables that track, the second one disables it. So in my case, double clicking it amounts to nothing in the end.

Are you double clicking on the check mark to the left of the track name or on the track name to the right of that?

Oh, thanks, I didn’t know you could do that!

But I think when I started fooling around with this new (to me) feature, I finally found the logic behind the shift in focus. It’s just very poorly implemented in my opinion, and should have a setting to toggle (there’s a setting that would appear to refer to this, but it doesn’t do anything in this regard).

What it does is that when you click to the left of the name to enable and see that track, the focus shifts to about the beginning of the first part in that track. I usually work with projects where all the tracks are one long part, that’s why I had not realized this. Of course it’s still really buggy because that being the case, I have enabled several tracks where the part started at 0 and it didn’t shift focus until at some point I enabled one that did. So it doesn’t behave the same way always.

But now I’m working on a project where I have the top 6 or so tracks as the first part of a song, one of which continues to the second part, but most of the second part are new tracks that start at bar 21. So enabling and disabling these tracks I realized that’s what happens, and to test it beyond doubt, I created two tracks, one called Bar 321 and another Bar 1073. I copied and pasted a small part in each of those at the bars mentioned, and when I enabled those tracks in the key editor, it jumped to bar 321 and then to bar 1073.

I can see how this may work in certain situations, but to me it’s terrible. It wouldn’t be if there was a toggle, but I went through the preferences and everything I could find, and there isn’t. At one point I thought this could be the setting, but I was wrong, as deselecting it doesn’t fix this problem:

So if anyone knows of any hidden setting anywhere to deactivate this automatic scrolling, please post.

I don’t know. The behavior of the visibility column seems a bit jumbled up at present. Glad you could isolate at least as far as you did.

I’m going to stop using it for the time being, at least until I figure out its idiosyncrasies, if that’s the case, or if OT really is messed up, until Steinberg finalizes its behavior.

I’ll go back to clicking/shif-clicking on parts in the project window to have them appear in the editor.