The Keyboard Challenge

Anybody know how to set up M-Audio Oxygen 25 IV To Cubase 8.5…Some of the pads worked straight away …but there still a couple that need programming and also the 8 controllers…Im trying to set them up to match Halion Sonic SE but not having much luck......Ive followed the Cubase instruction and downloaded the Oxygen Manual but still no luck, the annoying thing is I dont know whether its me thick or Im following the wrong instructions any ideas would be appreciated .



You can map your knobs in Device Setup/VST Quick Controls.
As midi input set your keyboard, midi output you can leave not connected.
Type in midi cc your knob is sending where it says Address.
You can do the same for Track Quick Controls.

If you want to map some transport functions, you need to create a generic remote for that.
After doing any of this, export your setup.
Cubase seems to load last exported or imported setup as default.