THE KIT SE versus THE STUDIO KIT SE- Choke issue

Hello. This is related to GA SE 5 in Cubase Pro 10.

THE STUDIO KIT SE choke option for Polypressure works great. When I program a cymbal choke to occur two beats after a cymbal hit, as opposed to an immediate choke, it works perfectly.

THE KIT SE for some reason does not. The polypressure trigger executes what sounds like another cymbal hit and then immediately chokes.

So instead of hearing HIT________choke as is the case with THE STUDIO KIT SE, I am hearing…

HIT________HIT choke_ with THE KIT SE.

Is this a bug, or am I missing something?

I also tried using the other choke options, NOTE OFF and AFTERTOUCH. Neither one seemed helpful. Note Off doesn’t seem to allow me to code a trigger. The Aftertouch option just automatically chokes the cymbal immediately whether you want it to or not.

Hi MEFlyingV,

it is a bug and our developers are informed and started to fix it.



Thank you for the reply, Jan. I look forward to the Polypressure working correctly!

How about the AFTERTOUCH? I have never really used AFTERTOUCH, so I am unsure what it is supposed to do. Is it really supposed to choke every hit automatically?

Hi Jan.

It appears that the 10.0.02 patch did not fix this poly pressure choke bug with THE KIT. Do you know if it will be fixed in the next update?

Hi Jan

Hi. I just installed Cubase Pro 10.5 and it did not correct this issue. Is there any further update?