The last 50 crashes in Nuendo 10.2.10

Could someone please let me know where to upload the last 50 crashes or so of Nuendo 10.2.10 to Steinberg?
I have a total of 456 crashes since Nuendo 10, and the last 50 or so occur mainly when I recall a Workspace.

Step 1. Load Project one
Step 2. Save a Workspace
Step 3. Close Project One And Load Project 2
Step 4. Recall the same Workspace ** CRASH “A serious problem occurred… etc.”

If this is a bug that Steinberg is already aware of please let me know.

Step 3. Close Project One And Load Project 2

This is actually interesting. I’ve become a bit paranoid with some of the memory corruption issues that Nuendo and Cubase seem to have, so I never just close a project, I close and relaunch the whole program when changing sessions.

I wonder if this would change the frequency of these errors for you as well?

Sorry I can’t help with the crash logs though, hopefully someone chimes in on that.

Yes, it is standard procedure for me to close and reopen Nuendo when switching projects. It is not completely necessary if the project is small but as soon as you get into any sizable project I think it’s a wise course of action.

Takes an extra 60 to 90 seconds and I can live with that for improved stability.

I don’t believe it matters for the question in cause.
I even reboot sometimes to be extra cautious before loading a new project.
It still crashes.

So, back to the original point:
Have you tried modifying a Global Worspace, saving it, and then recalling it on a different project without crashing?
EDIT: the second project already had that Workspace previously saved.

No, not in this case.
But it’s no paranoia of yours, because it’s well known that Nuendo does not fully quit.

One moderator here blamed the plugins, and so I tested it without plugins; I then tried
reinstalling the plugins after quitting Nuendo, and sure enough the installation program
complained that Nuendo was still running, and could not install the plugins.
I had to reboot.
And Nuendo was not running because I had quit over 10 minutes earlier.

Even in small projects, when you quit Nuendo it leaves behind stay resident processes.
You know it, because as soon as you try installing anything, the installation program complains that
Nuendo is still running and cannot proceed to install.

Am I the only one here with the Workspace crash,
if it is modified in a different project?

Could anyone please try the 4 steps above?

I tried the four steps as listed above and it works as expected… no crash.
As an aside, when I close Nuendo, it’s closed. No residual tasks remain.

That’s good, however, I am not the only one here with this problem. Far from it.

Also, my projects and templates are large, because I do this for a living,
and at the moment I’m recording 5 piece band, live off the floor.

Are you saying you can recall any old Global Workspaces, on a very different large project,
and you have no issues? I can load one or 2 workspaces sometimes with no issues,
but if I keep recalling them in different projects, it’s only a matter of time before I lose
places where my compressors were, or crash.

So, even if you do not crash, do you ever lose plugin location or placements in Workspaces on your project?