The license activation for the CUBASE Basic FX suite


I have installed cubase FX suite license on iPad and iMac.

Now i decide to move to Windows 10 and the installation of the license didn’t work out??

can you help please.

Hi @mazin98,

Thank you for your message and welcome to the Cubasis forum.

Please specify, if you are referring to the Cubasis FX Pack I and FX Pack II in-app purchases. If so, please note that the in-app purchases are exclusively available with Cubasis (same as the Classic Machines, Micrologue ARP and Waves in-app purchases).

Nevertheless, you are able to import your Cubasis projects with Cubase via the freely downloadable Cubasis Project Importer..

Using the Project Importer, all tracks and settings of your Cubasis project will be imported to Cubase where possible.

If the importer detects instruments (e.g. 3rd Party Audio Unit instruments) or effects unavailable in Cubase, it imports the tracks itself, leaving the manual instrument/effect choice up to you.

In preparing projects to be imported, it might make sense to render such tracks via Track Freeze.

Hope that helps!

& stay well,