"The Light" Instrumental Only For Now...

Hi all,

Please check out my newest work The Light. So far it’s just an instrumental but you can hear the violin tracking the vocal melody. The lyrics can be found in the description.

I have heeded advice that you guys have given on past tracks, so please give it a listen and see what you think. The mix is pretty bad right now, gonna work that out after the vocals are recorded. I am planning on doing the vocals myself, since I got pretty good results for the first try. Thanks Twilightsong for the inspiration. :wink: Still, its probably gonna need a lot of Melodyne. :stuck_out_tongue:

Furthermore, if anyone is interested in giving the vocals a try for the sake of collaboration just PM me and I’ll send you a backing track and see what you can do.

Many thanks.


Can hear the potential in this. At first I was hearing a girls voice but then I started to imagine it with a really wet, “Simple Minds-esque” kind of vocal :slight_smile:

Your stuff’s getting better, no doubt about that, looks like it will be a hard song to sing and would love to hear your vox on it before commenting further, it’s nice to see your improvement towards doing an actual song…impressed…though the piano needs to settle down a bit here and there to give a bit of light and shade…Kevin

nice one bane look forward to hearing the finished item . don`t give up on it make sure you get it to how you want it.

Sounds quite a bit like a number of the tunes on Springsteen’s “The Rising” record… I think you could use that record as a mix template/guide of sorts. At this point my complaint is that the drums are WAY back in the mix… and I have NO IDEA what that instrument that comes in at 2:20 is… surely it’s not an electric guitar – sounds more like a bagpipe :sunglasses:

Thanks for the comments guys! I have recorded some vocal takes earlier today; I’ll comp them soon and show you what I have. As stated in my other thread, I am in no way a good singer. In fact, haven’t sung anything in like 3yrs–lipsinging works great. :wink:

@twilightsong: Yeah the mix isn’t quite worked out yet. Could give the drums some more volume, but I feel like the piano isn’t getting much bandwidth. I’m sure this is less due to volume levels and more because everything needs some bracket EQing. Bloody HALion Guitars! Sound so bloody fake! Even with a bloody good amp sim on it! (Overloud’s TH2 trial)

Please bear with me friends. I hope to have a new version up rather soon.

Here’s a quick taste: (taken down)

This is just my quick demo of the vocals, I’m still way out of tune, but Melodyne is on the way.

Please, I need feedback on how to sing better! Haven’t sang anything in years! And now you know why!

sounds like you need to be up a few semi tones…is that you singing or is it btrailblazer or are you btrailblazer and bane both?..Kevin

I am both. My real name is Blake, you guys can call me that. :wink:

Yeah some of those high notes in the chorus and bridge are way out of my range–really struggled to reach those. In the chorus I am as much as a semitone off in some parts. The hardest thing to fix is the way my voice gets really thin up that high. I’m ordering Melodyne Essentials today; I’d love to be natural and all that but my voice simply can’t nail pitches like this for whatever reason.

Maybe if I took the song down a semitone it would be more comfortable, but I feel like the instrumentation sounds worse.

Oh, I was thinking the song needed to be up a couple of semi’s because it sounded like you were singing very low…gotta tell you when I started singing I was in the same place as you, you just gotta keep at it and it gets better, practice makes perfect as somebody clever once said…Kevin

You are probably right, but my voice is very comfortable down low. Also it was recorded into a cheap dynamic mic, which is actually my preference. Just ordered Melodyne a few minutes ago, and am downloading it now. I’ll try to get another upload up soon as I can.

And practice does make perfect. I’ll keep working at it. :wink:

hi bane how long have you spent trying to record your voice on this track ?,maybe try a line at a time ,if you concentrate on a line at a time you might pitch it better ,because it is a very busy song as regards lots of words happening , do you have a private room to sing in so you dont get embarrassed or dosnt it bother you either way. but anyway appart from the jazz notes its sounding good ,maybe a little more space less words in some of the lines i could almost see you turning blue singing that lot.keep it up youll get there.

Aha! Thank you firestamper, I think you nailed it.

My breath management is very poor and I am running out of air very quickly, so my air support is very lacking. Recording this a section at a time should help dramatically.

What I found out today with my first day of Melodyne is that pitch correction software can’t fix a poor performance, haha!

I would like to record some new takes in my closet. I am very embarrassed to perform this with others around, I’ve been waiting for everybody to leave first. Now I’m gonna try to soundproof my closet and do it whenever I want.

Thanks for the feedback guys–yall are great! I’ll take this version down and try again!


This is too obvious but you have helped me out before and if this is something you overlooked , great. You tube video has a man in Bologna, Italy who uses a name called, imcarrying. I am NO singer. After watching his little few minutes on vocal work, I could hear a nice change in my own voice. I’ll try to find it and post a link or send it to you…al.

EDIT: here it is


Thanks Knuckle, that was very helpful.

I think I was beginning to do some of those subconsciously, but maybe if they are exaggerated a little more… :mrgreen:

When I thought about these practices, it made me want to face the corner of the room with the mics set up there. So , I know what you mean. I have no problem speaking to rooms full of people or playing my guitar in a concert venue…singing, no way no how.

I really liked this! Very upbeat and uplifting - the drums sounded good - although the piano seemed to be a bit too loud sometimes. Maybe a bit of Bass variation would add to it a bit… other than that it sounded great!

@Knuckle: Yeah I’m still pretty embarrassed, in fact, so much so that I’m recording in the closet! But I’m getting more confident and probably tomorrow, circumstances be dammed I’ll be recording the vocals regardless. I’ve been practicing singing a lot now and that vid has really had an impact on how I’m practicing.

@ethan: Hey man thanks for the tips. Im gonna pay a guy to do the mix, so hopefully it will sound more even then. I’ll see what I can do with the bass line–it does need some rhythm. Btw, I also have a demo I’ve been meaning to send you, I’ll get back with you soon. :wink:

Well Kevin you were right I had to bump up the key a step, so that it sounds more natural. All the instruments sound better, and the vocals are gonna be much easier to perform. But darn that chorus is up there now!

so sing it in a lower register and bump it up a semi tone in variaudio or melodyne…

If I can’t make it that’s what I’ll do. Been busier than usual, but I’m gonna try to record more vocals today. I’ll then upload a version to make sure it’s good to send for mixing.