The line along the botom of the window in CUbase 10

I have installed Cubase 10 on a new computer but the line that runs along the very bottom with things like the tempo and the metronome toggle switch is gone and I cant get it to return - can someone please tell me how to do that - thanks

or press “F2”

F2 brings up the transport panel- not the same thing as the lower zone transport.

Thanks for all the help on this

Not on mine. F2 toggles the lower zone transport. Just did it 10 seconds ago.

Must be a Preference somewhere.

F2 is the factory key command for Transport Panel. Maybe you changed it?

It would seem I must have, but I can’t imagine when or why I’d have done that? I almost never use the GUI Transport, normally using Key Commands for Transport functions (and more recently Metagrid buttons, but still mostly KCs).

Probably the most use I get out of F2 is accidentally hitting it when aiming for F3. :confused: