The linking of the automation parameters?

Came up with question: is it possible to implement linking of automation parameters? Example: send level to the reverb and the volume of the track in inverse proportion; the volume of the track and Low pass frequency ? And is it possible to link the parameters of the panorama and any parameters of the plugins in the project ??

Oh yes, it does not work properly. We should be able to link parameters in mix groups.

Has this ever been attempted in Nuendo though? I don’t recall seeing either Nuendo or Pro Tools allowing something like this.

Also, I don’t really how it would work in practice. Track volume is measured in dB and frequency in Hz. How would they correlate?

I really don’t want more functionality like this in Nuendo given they can’t even get the current version working properly - and heck, there’s still a problem with VCAs!

So, seems definitely complicated and therefore prone to errors. My vote is no. Sorry for being a downer.

The relation between two parameters whicha re not related at all is undefined, and specific for each and every user/project/parameter.
Making it impossible to implement.


If the paramater can be control in CC, a feature like “Macro Midi CC” would be so nice.
In the Cubase forum someone ask for this feature, some user post MIDI OX for Windows, in my case iam using Remote Control from Blue Cat Audio (not free), you can control multiple CC with 1 fader with the possibility to inverse and to configure the amplitude of each CC.
But i really wish to see a midi macro control feature with the quick control for exemple :wink:

Ableton have had this type of functionality in Live for a very long time. You can create your own per-channel controls and map them to multiple parameters across multiple plugins/controls on the same channel. You can then of course automate that control. Not only that, you can tweak the range of each parameter you’re mapping to (eg. you might want to map to the delay time param on 2 separate delays, but double the upper threshold on the second one so when you tweak your control, the delay time on the second unit is always double the delay time on the first). It’s why I have Live; I find it more flexible for sound design, particularly when working with synthesis.

If Nuendo had this, I would be a very happy camper.