The live-gig-session I recorded sounds like everyone swallowed helium. How do I fix this?

Over the weekend I recorded a show on Cubase 11 with my laptop. I plugged the mixer (X-Air 18) into the laptop and that acted as the interface. The project was set to 44.1khz. I’ve already had success with this setup in the past, but I used Cubase 5 in that instance.

The recording did stop mid song a few times with a “audio device” error. I don’t remember the exact message because I was in too much of a hurry to continue the recording. Luckily I just had to hit Record again and it resumed.

All the audio that was recorded is present in the project, and it plays back, but it sounds time stretched and everything is slightly pitched down on helium. I’ve only experienced this type of sound error when I tried changing a 48khz project to a 44.1khz. That was not attempted here though.

Can anyone tell me what could have happened, or how to fix the audio so it sounds normal again?

It almost sounds like the sample rate was inadvertently changed during the recording process - maybe when you got those error messages?

So your sense that it may have to do with a 48 vs 44.1 kHz mismatch sounds like a good avenue to pursue.

So maybe change your project settings and see if that makes the wrong sections of recordings sound right?

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Hi, adding to @Nico5 suggestions, you can also open the Pool and check if the files’ SR is the same as the Project’s.


It seems that the X-Air 18 supports both 44,1 kHz and 48 kHz sample rates. Have you checked that it was set to 44.1?