The Longest Hour

Something fairly new. It a progressive house track at 128bpm. I’m self-taught so I’m sure it could’ve been mixed better but I enjoy making music and I just have fun with it.

Very good work, real shame you didn’t use the piano that came in at around 5.08 a bit earlier…that section used earlier would’ve improved the track I reckon…maybe you just saved the best till last…

cheers, Kevin

Very nice – uses the conventions but largely avoids the cliches of House. However, I am hearing this as the basis for a Pop song (house-oriented, of course); I think a vocal (and some embellishments along the way) would make it a killer track :sunglasses:

The part between 3:30 and 4:00 lost my interest, by the way –

I like some bits of this - the structural changes. Love the “Kylie” style organ bass and the piano section adds a lot near the end, as Kevin said.
For me though I didn’t like the main theme - sounded a bit like Mars from the Planet suite by Gustav Holst and it didn’t grab me.
Good work though.
Neil B

Ha Ha ,we all venture down that road if we lived through the late 70s,i have to hit myself over the head with a big stick regular to stop myself doing it , but it dosnt always work .getting the vst keyboards out is a big culprit for turning me into some kind of Kenny G. I still can`t resist listening to some George Benson or Steely Dan though.