The Loop Broswer setup in Cubase 7

Loop Browser setup in Cubase 7 :question:

I scanned all of my Acid, Rex and Wave loop files in the loop browser and then added them. Then when I try to open a folder say for example in Acid, it goes to plus sign on + Bass X subfolder, then when I click the folder say Funk subfolder, there is no plus sign and I can not audition the folder’s contents.

It does this on all of my loops, it does not open the folder that contains the loops, but I know it is there, because it identifies the subfolders.

(+) Acid folder then (+) Bass X subfolder then (no plus sign) Funk subfolder has no plus sign and the contents cannot be opened and therefore cannot be auditioned.

Anyone that understands my question, please reply.

I can import my loops by going into the directory in my computer, where the files are located. However, the problem is I cannot synchronize my music while importing the loops, because I have no loop browser support.

remove the mediabay3 file from your user setting data folder and place it on the desktop for now and start Cubase and see it that works

I do not understand where are these folders are located?

what os are you using ?

have you actually activated the folder in the mediabay tree firstly ? ticked the box on the left ?

I am using Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits. I do not think I setup the Loop Browser properly. All I did was scanned and added the folders. If there is more to it, I think I need to checkout the manual before I ask too many more questions.

that would be a good idea , I think you’ll find all you need to do is in the media bay file tree you’ll need to tick the box of the folder you want scanned .

I double clicked the file in Logical Mode and they all showed up. I do not know exactly what I did differently, but it is working now. Still I am reading the whole section on Media Bay, for better insight on managing my all my files.

Thank you