The love song....

Instrumentation and vibe sound cool. I think their are intonation issues with the vocals. Specifically “Whenever I’m alone…” . Various time when that comes in as well as a few other phrases need attention

Just quickly speaking about the strings. They’re panned too far left and right for a start, you need to know how 1st violins, 2nd violins, violas and cellos are actually positioned for a recording. The strings aren’t well balanced left/right anyway and that’s down to the writing of the parts. The violas/cellos that are to the right are barely audible, which I’ve seen quite common and I used to do it myself when I was learning and that’s purely down a lack of confidence with writing for strings.

Some nice ideas in there, still alot of changes to be made in the writing to make it more of a solid and complete piece of music. Also mixing stuff like pre-delays differing for sections to give them a sense of space in the recording instead of everything all sounding like they are sat directly on top of each other :smiley:

Well done so far.

Very good…that’s good advice regarding the strings…Kevin