The Magical Disappearing Plug-in Editor (and other Cubase illogical logic)

Can someone please explain to me why it makes sense for Plugin Editors in Cubase to disappear when you click on a non-Cubase Window (even though the Cubase Project, Mixer, and main program bar, etc. do not)? Always on Top makes no difference (that’s only for Cubase).

Here’s my frustration. I’m working with a new plugin in Cubase. I open the plugin’s user manual in Acrobat to work with it, learn more, explore, etc., but as soon as I do, the plugin disappears from view. What the…! I click on a Cubase window and it (just the disappearing plugin) reappears. I click on the PDF User Manual and it’s gone again.

It’s almost as if the Steinberg programmers are trying to frustrate users with insane logic. I suppose I could always pull up the plugin in Reaper, Audition, Bitwig,… or pretty much any other DAW, and do my learning there, and THEN come back to Cubase. :man_shrugging:

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That does sound right… I’ll confirm once I’m released.

Perhaps to consider though – have you attempted to deactivate the Always-on-Top mode via right click in the plugin?

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OK, although I did try what you suggested, and thought that it did not help, in fact, when Always On Top is disabled, the plugin editor does indeed stay On Top when you click on a non-Cubase window. This is true also, I’ve confirmed, if you untick Always On Top in Preferences and (but only on newly added plugin instances, not existing) remain on top (visible) when I click on a non-Cubase window.

Yeah, I don’t think I would have ever figured that out, since thinking that disabling Always On Top for a plugin in Cubase just so the plugin editor actually remains on top when I click on a non-Cubase window is completely not logical to me.

At least now I understand the illogic being employed here and can safely go about reading my plugin’s user manual with the plugin in full view. Whew! Frustration abated.

Thank Steve! Although your suggestion didn’t explain why the current behavior “makes sense”. I’m sticking with " the programmers are trying to frustrate us. "

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The name of the function refers to the behavior inside Cubase.

If only using 1 screen, it is ‘kind of’ logic.