The Mansion

I created this in about a month and a half, in-between schoolwork. It is a very varied song in terms of genre (at least within an overarching electronic feel I will concede) and some might argue that is has too much variation. I am curious as to what you guys think… let me know!

The Mansion (soundcloud decided to botch the quality)

(And if this is of any intrest to you - my really really zoomed out program files on my small screen: Image)

Turn the smooth things down and the rhythmic things up!! Result = people start to dance!

If your aim is to get people dancing then I agree with oedipus driftpunch…also sounds like you’ve been listening to Jean Michel Jarre as this sounds (in places) a lot like oxygene…not one of your best but you’ve set yourself a high bar with your other stuff…Kevin

i don`t normally like “Electronic” style music ,but this was good ,it took me on a journey ,i think the mix might want looking at ,certain volumes ,reverbs some of the synth sounds ,and the tone was maybe a little harsh on my speakers ,but like i said with a good mix this could be great with a great mix it could be excellent.nice one.

Nice work! It does have a lot of variation, but I believe you kept it interesting which was the main thing. After the demos you put up I was pretty interested and the real song didn’t disappoint. Good job man! :wink:

Some parts of the chord progression are a bit too alike to a few of your previous tracks. Same goes for the style of the arpeggios and some of the chords that you end on for sections. I can hear that the viola staccato notes are actually varied in velocity, but it still sounds more very midi/synth. Nothing you can do about that though until you invest in some string sample libraries. Try coming up with some variations for the ordering of the notes in the arpeggios. I can hear the production aspects improving. I’d have liked a bit more of a consistent theme throughout though. Keep at it anyway, good stuff.

thanks for the journey dude … good tune

For a young musician like you I’d say well done. I’d like to encourage you to keep the creative juices flowing. I like the sounds and I think you have a lot of potential !

reminded me a bit of the soundtrack to Das Boot (the boat). The harmonies that is. I am sure there is a bit of 70s electronica in there as well.

I liked it.