The maximum number of units?

Hi all!

Are three units the absolute maximum for the Steinberg MR816x? I really would like to have four units at the same time :frowning:

Thanks in advance!


hello, actually you can’
you can chain up to 3 units with firewire and the rest with Optical Adats for total 48 ch.
but u loose direct monitoring. read the factory manual.

I used to have 6 MR’s - 3 linked by firewire and the other 3 connected with Adat to the first 3, although it is only possible to use 6 inputs on each of the MR’s connected with Adat (something to do with S/PDIF connections).

The direct monitoring was useless so I sold 4 of them and now connect the remaining 2 MR’s to an RME Fireface UFX - a fantastic system.

The only thing I like about the MR’s is the fact that +48v phantom power can be switched on/off individually for each of the 8 inputs - most interfaces only permit this in pairs or only provide it on some inputs.

Thanks for the replies!!

So basically, 48 ch is the absolute maximum? There’s no way of making “another” chain of MR816’s via another firewire port?