The Maze of MIDI Setup

I am encountering the maze of MIDI setup.
I know it is in the setup for MIDI that I haven’t had a chance master yet and am in the process of reading through the pages provided in my instruction manuals.
If there is anyone out there willing to help out with the basic understanding and how to setup MIDI.
I am new to all this and very new to forums.
Appreciate your information. :slight_smile:

First hint is to list all of your equipment involved, keyboards, laptop or computer, OS, audio interface, midi interface, version of Cubase, ram, hd type/size etc … There are so many ways to set stuff up that without that info, the information is pointless. I could spend an hour typing a journal on how to set up MIDI to CV conversion to run modular synths or vice versa … I’m fairly sure that isn’t what you want, but it is a MIDI Setup and part of the maze.

Laptop HP Pavilion Entertainment PC
Software is REAPER
Steinberg UR28M Audio Interface
Roland HP101 Digital Piano with MIDI capability.

Not intending to be vague.
I forgot to list a basic model usb midi interface that I got a while ago.
I don’t know what settings I need to have REAPER to acknowledge the MIDI.
I’m under the impression that the UR48M needs to be on - is there a setting needed for that?
I am trying to get everything to talk to one another.

In the Options menu there is a MIDI setup area. Make sure you can see your MIDI interface there and that it is enabled.

On a track there are several things that have to be set up correctly.

  1. There is an area sort of bottom middle on every track with a drop down for what input to monitor. You need to set that to your MIDI interface
  2. You have to arm the track (red circle on the left of the track)
  3. You have to monitor the signal (bottom ot the track speaker icon)

Turn off “Local Control” on the HP101

HP101 MIDI Out goes to Computer Interface MIDI In
Computer Interface MIDI Out goes to HP101 MIDI In

HP101 Audio Out goes to the UR28M (if you are using the audio from it)

Now, typically the selected track will now receive MIDI data from the HP101, and route to whatever is set as the MIDI destination on that selected track. If it’s the HP101 you’ll hear it, if it’s a CST plugin you will hear it instead.

You may need additional configuration.

Did you get your setup working?

If not, I started this a while back… Want to learn MIDI?

It got a fair amount of views, but little response in terms of interest areas or need. Perhaps one day, I will continue.