The midi channels'numbers of my tracks change constantly by their own!!


Cubase will make me crazy!
Here’s the problem. I work with Kontakt. I have one channel for one track (16 instruments are loaded in the same Kontakt’s instance). For example, the track of the cello staccato in 1, the track of the cello legato is 2, etc. The numbers correspond exactly to the numbers of the instrument in the Kontakt instance and all work fine. But, later, the numbers indicated in each midi track change without I make the change manually. Sometimes, the channel number box indicate “Any” (it’s one of the choices available in that box). I don’t know why, I don’t touch the tracks to be sure to not make errors, I don’t go in the Kontakt’s instance…
The change of number seems totally randomly. I don’t see any logic.
And I spend my time reassigning the good numbers…
Any idea ?


PS : “to assign” is the good word to indicate the action of entering the numbers in the boxes ? I always have to improve my english…

Occasionally have this same problem. Many times I see a track channel has changed from a specific channel number to “Any” and sometimes just to a different channel number. I thought it was just me, but now I’m thinking maybe is a bug. What version are you on? I’m still on 9.5.21.


I’m on the 9.5.10
I’ll install the last update, maybe it’ll solve this issue…
I’ll keep you in touch.