The Mind Observes

Here’s a track that I recently wrote and just finished recording yesterday. 3 real guitar tracks and a real fretless bass with a few Halion tracks and some pretty subtle Groove Agent percussion. Guitars and bass all benefited from the excellent (imo) Line 6 Helix Native plug-in.
The title relates to what can happen when we catch hold of something in our mind and ponder it to the point where we follow where it may lead us. That’s what basically happened with this composition that started with the guitar part heard in the left hand side of the mix. From that idea, the rest followed.
Thanks, as always, for any listens and comments that this might elicit.

You were really well inspired! The moving harmonies keep my interest all track long. I loved the left/right mix.
2 small ideas.

  1. Take advantage of more panning.
  2. Add few disruptive elements. after all mid is erratic, even if observing. :slight_smile:

Hi Swetch, I am getting a Jerry Garcia vibe in the guitar especially. I like the way the guitars are panned. I would want the bass to be a little louder, and the drums to be more up front and punchy. I really like Dead-type jammy compositions!

Thanks for the comments and listens. I’m very curious about the “Jerry Garcia vibe” because a drummer I’d played with a lot through the years has cited that too with some of my guitar lines on other recordings. Guessing I should take that as a compliment, but I’ve never particularly listened to the Dead or tried to be one of “Jerry’s kids”. Funny what people hear in us, sometimes.

Yes, it’s a compliment! Garcia played mostly pure melodic tones without any flamboyance. Just what made sense for the music at hand. That’s what your guitar melody sounds like to me.