The Missing Fonts dialogue after Dorico update

I have just updated Dorico to The whole suite of Steinberg download-related products seemingly updated. Afterwads, on opening any project, I get the dialogue about font ‘Regular’ being missing:

The projects themselves look perfectly fine. But are they? Should I be worried? What should I do?

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I don’t know how the Source Sans Pro font family found its way onto your computer. This is an Adobe family that has been released as open source. You can download it on GitHub.

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Source Sans Pro is included with Dorico, because it’s used as the main user interface on macOS, and is used in a number of places on Windows as well (though the default UI font on Windows is Segoe UI, because that looks better on crummy low pixel density displays than Source Sans Pro).

I’ve chatted with a colleague and we’re not quite sure why these fonts would be missing on your system, but what we recommend is that you download the fonts using the link below: (1.0 MB)

Unzip this archive, and then drag the fonts into the Fonts folder in Windows Explorer to install them. That should take care of the problem.

Thank you very much. This indeed has made the dialog to stop appearing.