The mixconsole at the bottom of the window does not follow the editing window

Not only does the extended window of the main Mixconsole no longer follow the editing window, despite the track synchronization option, with the track type option, but even the Mixconsole at the bottom of the window no longer follows. It’s really annoying. This has never happened to me in N12. But when I go back to N12, it’s still the same. It looks like N13 has corrupted the session again (this was the case with VCAs gone mad a while back, and also in an inconsistent display of tracks in the track list). Does anyone have this same problem?

Update: Return to N12 and attempt to return to all tracks, then to select types and tracks in the track list. See the inconsistency between the tracks displayed in the list and in the editor and Mixconsole. Note: Everything is synchronized between the editor window and the Mixconsole.

Going crazy…

Update 2: I’m in the process of remaking a new session by importing all the tracks (297!) from the old session and reconfiguring the beds and my objects. Two hours of work, let’s say… I see that the problems noted here have disappeared and that Nuendo is coming to its senses (so to speak). Mixconsole synchronization is back to normal. So it was (and still is) a corrupted session. My guess is that switching from N12 to N13, in the middle of a project, was to be avoided at all costs. But I needed to see my track list in full width in the main editor. So my first motivation was a bug fix. I think I’ve paid a high price in inconvenience (if my hypothesis is correct).