The Mixer is the Problematic Resource Hog

As soon as I press F3 I can clearly see the cpu meter steadily increase to the point of overloading.
When I hid the mixer window, the cpu meter goes back to normal.

Also: the more channels I display, the faster the cpu meter goes nuts.

Which CPU meter are you referring to?

Aloha A,

I do not see that same behavior happening here
but I do understand the point you are making and it sounds somewhat logical to me.

The C7 mixer has a lot more ‘built-in’ stuff than the older one(s).
Makes sense it would pull more juice.

Perhaps in the future Steiny will ‘tighten the code’ to be more efficient
and use less computer resources, but for now
if your 'puter can handle it, IMHO ‘use it’.

Somehow (and I may be just fooling myself) even without using
the built-in features of the C7 ‘Mix Console’ it sounds a bit ‘smoother’ to my ears
A lil less ‘granular’