The Mixer page

Is it just me or is the mixer page in C13 a bit of an unsightly mess?


Not just you…


There is not much relief in the Prefs either.

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I’m doing user research on the subject. For example, I’m trying to learn what aspects of the UI seem to cause the most friction.

From what I’ve read elsewhere, many complaints are related to legibility, eye strain, and an overwhelming sense of contrast.

What are your thoughts? Any specific that isn’t working for you?

I created a mockup proposing some improvements that are primarily focused on spacing and contrast.

You can view a design document here:

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MUCH better! :+1:


What distracts me most is the bright, white, bold and kind of blurry font. It feels like everything is screeming at me at the same time. Your Mockup is indeed much better.

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Looks better than 12, minimalist, nice modern angled corners and not outdated 1990s curves everywhere.

It looks better than 12, better than 11 and a lot better than 10. Im happy.

The problem for me is when you use a lot of of colours for different categories of musical tracks, combined with the expanded inserts and eq sections, which create a confusion of colour and shapes. By the way how do you minimise these areas?

My first impression is that all of the fader knobs look out of focus in C13 vs C12. Perhaps giving users more options for configuring the UI under “preferences” would be the best path forward? Your posted mark-up seems to solve this issue and is generally easier on my eyes.

Personally and professionally, I don’t agree with the approach of giving users more customization options. It’s like a chef handing you uncooked items and telling you to figure it out yourself. Some of us can cook. Some of us can not. Either way, it requires more time on our part.

We need Steinberg’s team, and hopefully that includes UX specialists, to provide easy ways to solve our UI needs. We need preset settings with maybe limited customization.



The company Jetbrains creates software development IDEs. These include many theme options that address eye strain and contrast. Some users need higher contrast and some need less.

Steinberg needs to include a preset that creates a high contrast for the user.


Ableton Live

This DAW allows you to increase/decrease contrast with limited settings. You can choose a theme with high contrast (Dark) and then adjust the intensity of brightness.


Studio One

Much like Ableton Live, Studio One offers limited settings that change the entire UI consistently. One of the settings is contrast which controls text. This precisely addresses common user needs in relation to eye strain and readability.

Maximum Text Contrast on left hand side

Minimum Text Contrast on left hand side



There’s a lot we can do with just a few carefully designed options. In both DAWs, the color temperature (hue) can be adjusted for the entire interface. The contrast can also be adjusted which automatically makes changes between foreground and background of some parts of the UI.