The mixing phase on the go

I have a “wierd” question:

I almost finished with the recording session(only missing harmony vocals and maybe 1-2 pads/synths)

I have 4 hours of free time and I thought to take the laptop with me and mix on the go…

Is it ok to mix a project(and mabye add 1-2 vst)
Without audio interface(laptop’s asio)
(monitor headphones pluged in the ‘aux’ input of the laptop.)
What I’ll be missing, without audio interface?, beside inputs and outputs?

No problems, except your headphone amp i the laptop isnt all that good, just use asio4all.

The only possible issue I can think is making sure your Laptop on board card supports the same audio bit-rate that the song was recorded at (it probably does but an alternative audio device caught me out once with this).

This aside I’ve done this often, useful to be able to mix things on the move.

My laptop is i7 16 ram…I cant remember the board card but you can guess with what i’m dealing here. I guess it will be fine.

How ever If I take my studio headphones and connect them directly to the laptop, the sound would be exactly the same, as if they were connected to the audio interface?

And what will change with the fact that i’ll mix without an audio interface? How is it gonna effect me?

There may be a difference in the quality of the Digital to Analog converters in your Laptop compared to the Audio interface but I doubt it will be great enough to affect your mixing.

Thanks! Yea I thought that too.
Eventually I just reffrenced the mix alot with my laptop speaker, (even my phones) so I could tell which sounds should I shoot for.

Thanks alot!!!