The more I try to work with Cubase 10, the worse

The more I try to work with Cubase 10, the worse it is. We do not see anything, especially in the midi functions. :imp:

I open Wavelab, and there is a clear interface choice.
I open Cubase 9.5, and well, I find myself, I managed to fight against the tendencies towards the shade.
I open Cubase 10, it sucks. Really a failure in the following versions.

But why not offer, in Cubase 10, at least the look of optional Cubase 9? Why ransack the product without possibility of return?

In addition, I import a MIDI file and it crashes. With 9.5, it goes very well.

What a disappointment!

I asked for a refund and hid behind Asknet.

In addition I paid in Canadian $, so too expensive compared to the real currency conversion.

I’m starting to re-love Avid!

I wonder, if all you people are being forced to update… :unamused:

No, but there was no demo version. I was sure that Steinberg would correct his interface for version 10. I was wrong…

Demo always comes out a few weeks later.

Registered member since 2012. He / she certainly knows that…

Oh goodness, nobody could be that desperate, surely!

Let us know about the refund, I bought mine direct from Steinberg and want to get a refund as well

When will Steinberg learn… If it ain’t broken, Don’t Fix It !!

Repairs before New Features… Always !!!

So many people whining. Get a grip. If the problems are so serious 9.5 still works and any problems with 10 will get sorted.

Buy a new, broken cell phone, and the salesperson promises to fix it one day. Use the old one for now.

If the interface of the software was not important, there would be no specialists to take care of it, neither of teaching nor of development. Neither person to appreciate the good results, and therefore nobody to criticize the bad ones. To love one music more than another, an instrument more than another, a shop, an automobile, a novel, a person more than another, and to say it, is not whining. It is to express one’s sense of judgment. The Steinberg people do that on the programming side, and the users do it when they receive it. All this is normal.

I would like the refund, yes. I also bought Steinberg directly. Asknet and the Steinberg transaction intermediary. But I will ask the customer service.

I am afraid that is wishful thinking at best. There is nothing to back up that something broken(or an issue) in a particular version will be fixed by Steinberg in same version number.

So an issue in V10 will not necessarily be fixed in v10. Just like there are issues carrying over from previous versions.