The more I use my beloved cubase intensely the less stable..

And my intense would not bare factor to most of you guys meaning of intense… But doing mixing this week in cubase 8.0.35 has been a nightmare from the VCA big i noted in other threads holding me up for several hours, to now just noticing that finely tuned automation has just randomly disappeared. I mean how? The music tracks where in folder not touched while tracking vocals yet the automation just disappeared ? How does this happen… What a complete joke!!!

And right now as some sort of punishment for writing this f**king post, opening a session and i get 6000 cascading fucking serious error BOXES… what the fuck is going steinberg? Seriously … U expect people to pay for .5 updates but you can get the software stable… Take the the pro out of the name this is not for pro use… Because this is a travesty in a pro environment … FUCKING COSTING ME MONEY.

I see on another post you’re using Melodyne - well in my experience Melodyne does play nicely with Cubase (or the other way round) I’ve given up using it other than as a standalone product. It’s a shame becausee Melodyne is so damned good - however the pitch editing tools in Cubase are now good enough for 90% of what I used to use Melodyne for - I’d still love to use Melodyne by having to render tracks and then use it stanalone just kills productivity.

I understand… But whats weird here is that I went back to the sessions pre melodyne and the automation is gone there also not on all tracks. And im full certain there was no user error… Another thing im curious is it normal for cubase to present the status circle for a good 1 - 2 seconds while doing autosave, I dont have this issue with pro tools…

The other issues I mentioned never had melodyne in the session either.

After the signal routing is figured out, Cubase seems very stable. There needs to be better documentation about all the technical stuff. Sorry, whoever wrote the manuals failed miserably at their audience analysis. Take it from a senior tech writer–that’s a major sin.

No question about it, 100 percent of Cubase clients just want to play music; they don’t want tech issues and bugs. If they enjoy solving tech issues and bugs over creating music, then they should try using Microsoft Word 2007 or later on a professional level–not just as a replacement to the typewriter! That program will monopolize all of their time!!

I was just about to dump Cubase after over a quarter of a century as a user - but - the last 8.5 patch seems to have worked wonders for performance and stabilty on my system. But I feel your pain! Ironically Mixbus 3 was rock solid for me but the recent 3.1 update has made it crashy and unpredictable!

I been useing Cubase since im 12 years old… Now 28 for years I fought for it and ignored pro tools until I could no longer ignore it due to work… And it shames me to say that PT 10 runs like a dream on my machine compared to cubase at times… And PT is not supposed to be stable on a PC haha.