The most convenient way to add midi segment to Cubaseproject

My work flow:

  1. Writing a piece to a notation program.
  2. Export a MIDI file from the notation program, import this file to Cubase.
  3. all the rest of the work on the project with Cubase.

But sometimes, after I already in the middle of the work on cubase, I want to change my composition.

So in this stage I thought it would be best to write the changes to the notation program, create a new MIDI file, and than copy and past the changed segments from the new MIDI file to the Cubase project.

I want to find the easiest smoothest way to do it.


What Notation software do you use? Can you connect it via ReWire to Cubase?

I’m using Sibelius.

Then you can connect it via ReWire, which means, you will run both apps side by side. And you can do scoring in Sibelius and “the rest of the work” (I’m not sure, what exactly it is) in Cubase. Both apps will be in sync.