The most efficient way / vocal track / correct tempo

Hi All,

I am struggling to do this properly for years now and I have the feeling it should be very easy and I am doing something wrong.
I will try to be as brief as possible but please bare with me. I just do not know to do this. I would be greatly appreciated if someone could explain me step by step how to do this. I have not decided which version to buy. Qbase Elements or artist 7.5, so what you explain to me should work on either of them.

How do I make a vocalist track ready to put my music under it? Let’s say the vocal is 70bpm. The music I want to put under it will be 130. Let’s say the vocalist is not holding the correct tempo everywhere and sometimes drops to 67bpm.
How to start and how do I get a nice and tidy vocal track that runs seamlessly on 130bpm. Most of you will now say…easy, time-stretch or warp but that does not always work for me(Mainly because of the singer does not hold the correct tempo all the time.)

Do I chop it in pieces and time-stretch it
Do I keep the whole track intact and then time-stretch
Not time-stretch at all but etc etc etc
The correct way is none of the above…do this and do that…

Please help me with the correct and most easy way to do this procedure. Every time it costs me hours and hours and most of the time I do not get it right even then. :blush:

Thanks for your effort and time reading this .

P.S I am not sure If I am allowed to post a link to a vocal file so I do not. I hope you guys understand…

Edit: I am talking free vocal files you find on the net or a remix contest or a collab. No live recording. Sorry. I was not clear enough.

The best way is to get it right in the first place - give the singer what they need to get them to sing in time. Some need a definite click, others need to feel comfortable. Other times… it needs a better singer! If they can’t keep in time, they’re not a good singer - that’s the bottom line.

Anything else you do will have consequences in terms of sound quality and time. You can’t polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter, so if it comes down to that, do whatever is needed to make it work; pick out the parts of each phrase that need to be in specific beats of the bar and get them timed up, and then do whatever’s needed to bridge the gaps, be it time stretching between those cuts or other editing to do it. Generally, I find getting it right in the first place is the quickest way, but with practice you can fix all sorts of issues.

Thank you. You are 100% correct! I made a small edit in my post. Sorry for being unclear