The most serious bug a piece of software can exhibit

No way to use it !!!

Away from home and needing to finish a transcription, I launched Dorico while having an Internet connection and I got the message “no license available”, please re-enter activation code etc … I did so… No way

This is the 2nd time this happens to me. On the first time, I had no internet access. I just waited to be back home to load the latest version of the eLicenser and solve the problem. I then tried to use Dorico over wired and wifi internet access, as well as offline. No problem

Being able to post this message is the best possible evidence I have Internet access and that something is wrong with dorico licensing,

The only thing I can add is that I got a Windows 10 update yesterday. How can that impact Dorico licensing ???

I’m sorry to say but this is definitely the most important problem a piece of software can have: no way to use it !! Despite loving the way Dorico is designed and implemented, all of this is darkened by this awful handling of licensing

Please don’t suggest to use an USB licenser , There are only 2 USB ports on my laptop to connect a USB licenser. I use these 2 ports to plug the USB key I use to store stable data which doesn t need to be backed up (sound samples and video), and a portable printer or a backup disk if needed.

I should add that running the maintenance task of the eLicenser didn’t solve the problem

IIRC, you should run the maintenance tasks as administrator.
FWIW it happens quite often with Windows updates…

Sorry to hear about this problem, but I believe that if you follow Marc’s advice and run eLicenser Control Center as administrator and allow it to complete its default maintenance tasks, you’ll be back up and running in a jiffy.

Thanks for the reminder, unfortunately running as Administrator didn’t change anything,

I wonder why Wimdows updates cam impact the licemsimg mechansm.

The message I get from eLicenser is something like "“no upgradable liecense is available” does that mwan that I need to enter Dorico 1 license instead or before the one of the Dorico 2 Pro upgrade from Dorico 1 ??? or both.

Not very clear I’m afraid

Another technical remark: the Internet access where I am is thru satellite connection ? That means a slower response time that tru wired Internet networks. Could the problem be time-out limit of the eLicenser ?

I’ve sent you via private message a 90-day activation code to get you back up and running in the short term. In the longer term I suggest you work through the Reactivation workflow in MySteinberg to get a replacement permanent Dorico Pro 2 activation code.

Many Thanks for your very quick help. Dorico top notch support is really its best feature !!

Of couse my message wasn’t to criticicize anything, but to draw attention on what I think is a quite serious problem.
FYI, I was spent all my pro life as a software engineer developping very complex software tools for tough customers like Intel, so I’m not lost when using computers

Well, there seem to be a serious problem: After entering the 90 day activatioan code, the eLicenser said it couldn’t connect to the license server … incorrect network settings or no connection …

Is there any chance that the Windows firewall could now be blocking eLicenser Control Center from connecting?

Problem solved. I made the mistake of not starting the eLicenser as an Administrator when entering the 90 day temporary activation code.

May I suggest to add the eLicenser the sending of a reminder message “Please run me as an Administrator if you aren 't doing so”

Many thanks for all the help. As I already said Support is Dorico best feature !!

Now, I don’t know about the special meanings of “in a jiffy”, but I had to do the same thing yesterday, and the CC was stuck at downloading some licensing data for about half an hour without the progress bar moving a single pixel. It was not a network problem though, as I could work online normally throughout this whole time.
Then, all of a sudden, the eLCC jumped right to “everything done”.

I would also love if this very problem (“license-update needed after some update”) was handled in a more user-friendly manner. On Dorico startup I got some weird error message from the eLCC, but Dorico continued to launch. (Why?) I closed Dorico and opened the eLCC, but it crashed with some error that told me to restart my PC. Only after closing everything and restarting I could then launch the eLCC and let it do its maintenance job.
Is this really how it is intended to be? I remember having to walk through this procedure, error messages and crashing included, after every windows update. Is there no way to tell the user “Your system has changed, please let me to my maintenance job” and quit the whole startup process?

Well, I think everybody hates the licensing method as is (for various very good reasons), and we all hope the new licensing scheme will come to life as early as possible…

Yes, but it would also help if almost every Windows 10 update didn’t mess with certain AV programs on our computers.

I can’t agree with you there. A more important problem is that there is a way to use it, and using it kills people.

(That’s why all Boeing 737-max aircraft have been grounded for nearly 6 months, until the software bug that caused two crashes and killed nearly 350 people is fixed.)

FWIW I’ve just updated Windows 10 and experienced the same thing. Running eLicenser Control Center as Administrator and letting it run maintenance tasks quickly fixed the problem.

I wonder why this licensing (and the audio !!) is so fragile … Never experienced that with Sibelius …

The Sibelius Facebook Group is utterly littered with licensing issues, the worst of which seems to be that the new Avid Link locks a particular group of people out on a monthly basis.

I should have said that I’m only using the old Sibelius 6 … in the state before Avid purchase ,