The most stable version of Cubase?

Hello, I was wondering if there is a Cubase version that has caused the least amount of problems in the entire history of the program? (Apart from the ATARI version, which was indestructible and reliable). Sometimes I think that we could use a LITE version of Cubase :wink: One that is 90% geared towards working with external instruments and has maybe 2-3 internal vst plugins like Retrologue or Groove Agent and the most needed effects. I know I could use Cubase AI or Elements but in the current situation where C12 is causing so many problems to the users it would be nice if this DAW was re-written from scratch in such a way that it would work without any problems especially on PC. The interface that is in C12 could of course stay :wink: I also wonder where the problems with Cubase on Apple computers come from ? These computers have a closed architecture and everything should work flawlessly. Not like on a PC where every configuration is different… So is there any older version of Cubase that caused the least amount of problems and that will run on Windows 11 ?

12 is stable for most of us tbh. Obv you’ll see posts from people who have issues. Majority of people who have no issues won’t post.

It’s not true look at Dorico’s forum People really enjoy this software

No errors at all?

I am on Cubase 11 and the usual thing happens, on the 11th hour all goes to hell…Error messages, corrupted sessions, the lot, I hope you are right about 12…

Atari version still had bugs. I remember crashes even then. I think it all depends on what features you are using to how much problems you have and how important it is to you.

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Yup I remember very clearly one of my first ever uses of “t’internet” was typing in a huge url and waiting 4 hours to download the Cubase Atari update which fit on 1.4mb floppy.

And there were still the odd issues. But no biggie. Work gets done.

I am a light user with small projects, but on an old machine (see sig), and I have to say Cubase 11 Pro behaves very nicely for me!