The most unwanted features in Dorico

Just to give us ideas, what are the most unwanted features in Dorico or for future Dorico version?

One I just read about is the automatic creation of a default Layout set.

…do you mean, features that you don’t want in dorico anymore? I’m confused by this post.

If you mean, most WANTED features for Dorico 4, there are already a number of threads about this, including one that is rather long.

I mean, a toaster assistant that dances around the screen while you’re working? An “automatically delete this project after 5 minutes” preference?

Hey this is fun - let me see:

A feature for generating “cycle finished” noises for your washing machine

A… random “BEEP” feature that randomly beeps

A timeout feature that closes the application and tells you to get outside for 5 minutes

An AI based intelligence that stares at you through your camera and occasionally asks “soo… what you doin?”

An option to scramble your key bindings for a fun surprise!

A “delete my operating system” button on the system track.

But seriously my actual feature request: a “do you think this argument is constructive or useful, or are you just arguing on the internet” dialogue box for the forum.


Sorry Romanos, I am aware of the wish lists for future versions of Dorico - them growing longer and longer. Being in a silly mood, I was just wondering about the things which might not be as high in priority.

I think this post has been misunderstood. I think it’s trying to ask what are features that exist in Dorico right now that you could do without or would like to see changed? Example of this is treating tied notes as one note in all scenarios, so you can’t put hairpins, ornaments, or anything else on the second half of the tied note.

You can put anything anywhere in a tied note if you use the caret, though.


I normally wouldn’t respond to an invitation like this but given that it’s New Years Eve Eve…

I do NOT want to see a feature that interrupts my work with prompts to buy sample libraries that are on sale for only 24 hours longer. If it were 48 hours, by all means bring it on.

(tongue, meet cheek)


Dear developers, please remove the ability to write tuplets across barlines. It is much too advanced, and frankly silly.

I would like the CC7 and CC11 reset messages sent when starting playback to disappear.

And I hope the user interface will always remain clean, 2D, unobtrusive, with no 3D effects, embossing, colored icons, toolbars everywhere.


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Oh man, you’re not going to win this one, I think. It does feel counter intuitive going from Sibelius or Musescore, but it’s a small price to pay.


To be fair, I’ve both enjoyed this feature’s benefits and been frustrated by it. I was more giving an example as I have seen many forum posts about the difficulties brought about by this design choice.

I think the difficulties with ties are mostly with people who “grew up” with other notation programs. If you can “unlearn” the previous generation, then it seems completely obvious (at least to me). It’s a paradigm change that, hopefully, you’ll grow to prefer.

Also when clicking notes during playback!

The fact remains that you can add anything you like anywhere in a tie chain, as long as you know how. It’s different to other programs, sure, but staying “you can’t” is inaccurate and doesn’t help anyone.


Btw - three things that really helped me with this (yes, I too struggled with this idea at first)

  • opt-shift-left/right
    Extend/shorten by rhythmic grid length

Snips a note in 2 at the caret

  • using the caret to input things independently of note position - (insert method here - AFK)

Isn’t it opt/alt - [ / ] to change the grid? That’s how it works on my machine. Maybe I’m misreading? However it is achieved, it’s a great tool!

By the grid, not the grid.



What jesele said. Knowing how to manipulate and use the rhythmic grid is a real boost - moving and extending things left and right really speeds up the work flow and makes you think much more about notes as being discrete durations instead of tied rhythmic units. Pardon my thinking, but it feels much more like a composer-first approach to notation. Although you do and will need to know the theory behind notating such rhythmic units, it’s not the thing you need to know first - just how long you would like the note…

I vote this topic discussion the worst, most pathetic of 2021.

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Almost, but then you haven’t been to the elision/liaison thread yet.