The most useful tool ever!

More than 20 years ago, the early ‘Logic’ program had a fabulous music writing facility which they discontinued. It allowed you to enter the right and left hand parts of a piano piece simultaneously. Now, I know you can do this with all the notation programs but the problem comes when you have to separate the parts into two separate staves. What logic had in those days was a facility where you dragged the mouse through the score and you guided a line between the points that were right and left hand. The program then separated them for you.
It’s often difficult thinking of the right hand part without including the left hand. This feature was a ‘god send’ and time saver - and yet they discontinued it and I’ve never seen it anywhere since.
Could this be a feature that Dorico would consider bringing to its users? It sure would please me if they did.


That’s a clever feature. I can imagine it working even better with a tablet than with a mouse.

This is fairly easy to achieve in Dorico, unless I’m mistaken.

Add two players, one of them a single-staff player, the other a piano. Record MIDI into the single-staff player. Switch to the piano roll, zoom out, and click-drag to select the desired notes. Then press Alt-M twice to move them to the bass clef of the piano part. I may be fuzzy on a few things there, but I think it will work.

That sounds way way more click intensive though.

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Takes more time to explain than to do, really. Easy to click-drag select, easy to move those selected notes to another staff. Not sure how it could be simplified.

His feature uses a freeform split tool, not box or click select.

If I’m understanding what you are describing correctly, I actually believe that still exists in Logic when you right-click and select the Voice Separation Tool. You then drag your mouse along the notes you recorded where you would want them to separate, which you can then put into separate voices and/or separate staves.

However I personally don’t even find this simple or intuitive. In Dorico seems easy enough to select notes and then add to another voice to separate them…

I don’t find any of the current workarounds for splitting piano music into RH/LH to be the least bit easy or time efficient. I suggest that we should be able to select the notes in a grand staff (per measure, selection of measures or all measures, sorry it’s ‘bars’ in Dorico), run a function that splits the parts based on a user-inputted pitch. Yes, there may be some notes that still need to be moved, but that’s a whole lot faster than any suggestion I’ve ever seen talked about in the forum (and it is talked about a lot in the forum) for splitting up hands in piano music.

That would be very easy to do if Filter > Notes by Pitch allowed you to specify a split point instead of exact pitches, but alas… I’m actually surprised this isn’t support. I remember 30 years ago running some early pianoroll software that when recording midi would split everything below middle C onto the bass staff. Not perfect, as you say, but a reaasonable start in most cases.

Yes, I remember that option (on an old Atari St computer). And it worked pretty well, as it consolidated notes as they were moved (though might have gotten lost or displaced). It was a handy feature though.