The Must Features Still Missing in Cubase 8.5

After 10 years with Cubase ,then two years with Logic X, 3 month with Ableton, 3 months with ProTools
and then back to Cubase 8.5…
(…since all the rest, as sexy as can be, still lack a stack of useful necessary features…),
I feel that I can point at the few missing features in Cubase
which would make it a nock out solution, and superior to all its competitors.

  1. UI - A must. before anything else. To my believe this is eventually the most inhibitive factor in the workflow, and really makes the workflow less easy and longer.
    All the current undocked windows (mainly the Midi Editor and the Mixer) must become docked frames inside the main (and should be only) Tracks window. MediaBay style. The inconsistent jumps between the workspaces are grueling. especially when not always tracks height for instance maintained etc.

  2. The Console Mixer -
    a. Navigation is still touch task. I think that integrating the Folders concept inside the Console Mixer may turn life easier.
    b. It should be even more visible than now. E.g. channel colors should be bolder (doesn’t catch the eye quick enough).
    c. Some innovation in the Inserts/Sends area. Lack of space… (and I have a really large non-mobile Mac screen)

  3. Automation - I think the boldest thing in compare to other DAWS is the lack of real curves, and “reduce points” function.

  4. Routing - Audio and Midi. Well here, just catch your competitors abilities and you’ll be fine.

    Still A Great Product.
    Hopefully will preserve steady updates and be even better…