The mystery Deepens for multple processing on a single file

Yesterday and Friday I used WL a lot and no shuddering and no crashes.

Today I had a 76 minute file open and I was doing some trial restorations by playing various sections of the file with some VST plugins. I never rendered the file. I had to take a phone call so I saved the file I was working on. I had a preset open with the VST plugins I was using. WL was open the whole time. When I went to render the file after opening back up the file and the preset that I had been using WL would not allow the plugins to be used. Somehow by saving the file WL thought I had rendered it and would not let me work on the file again. This is getting very old very quickly. I closed WL and restarted it and everything was fine. There has to be a bug in the file saving routine.

Today I also got a crash with the shuddering and the fast playback of a very small section of the file. When this happened I was in Montage and had just opened two files in montage and went to play them back. This time WL crashed but the computer did not.

Any ideas would be most welcome. This could not come at a worst time. We have so much restoration work and WL has chosen the time period to get weird. This has been going on for a week.

Wavelab 8.5.3

Windows 7 with all the current updates.

8 gigs of memory

SSD drive for operating system and programs SATA drives for everything else.

Pentium Quad processor 2.6 GHz

RME audio card, Nvidia Video card.

More information let me know.

Thanks again!

Try an SSD for your audio files.

Hey Tom …

Have you tested your RAM?

I only mention this because pretty much those symptoms were experienced a few months back here and that’s what it was. And, I might add … almost brand new expensive RAM in our case.

I hope this gets sorted for you quickly.

Thomas, one other suggestion, not solving your problem, but just from workability (if you haven’t tried it yet), is to use the “render in place” button on any of the plugins, rather than the Master Section render dialog. I find it much faster to work with and less quirky, and it’s something new since Wavelab 6. It renders the entire ms plugin chain just like the master section render dialog does, but I find it easier to deal with.

But it doesn’t bypass the plugins after each render.
Plugins Render in Place 2 - Copy.png

Thanks for all the help.

I did do an exhaustive test of the RAM (I left the test program go all day) and nothing bad was found. Of course there still could be something wrong.

I did order a SSD as my work disk and found a great deal on one I will see if that makes a difference as per PGs suggestion.

I did some more restoration work yesterday and everything seemed OK with no meltdowns.

Thanks again!

Ha! So did ours. But what had happened was that a tiny bug had got sucked in and then walked across a stick of ram, meeting an untimely end but in the process managing to provide intermittent short. We only found it when we did the old ‘remove one stick of RAM at a time and see if it boots’ test. Maybe worth a physical inspection.

I have to put in the new SSD drive today so I will also do as you suggest at the same time. I too remember a speck of dust that somehow got on to some RAM in my old computer and was electrically conductive and would blow around the case and cause all kinds of problems. Not fun to troubleshoot. Thanks for the reply,