The naming scheme

The new naming scheme with Cubase 5 and 6 seems nice, exept for my workflow.
I do whole albums in one project, it’s quicker and easier for me to manage.
In cubase Sx3, i was naming cycle markers with the track number and the name of each song. When i exported, i double clicked the marker then export mixdown was named automatically with the marker name. It was easy and there was no risk of error or typos in the name of the file and in the tracklist for the CD.

Then i buyed Cubase 5, with the new naming scheme, the naming options are: name, mixer index, channel type and channel name. No marker name as it was before, so i had to type every name of every song, again and again and again everytime i do a mixdown.

I read some topics about it on and even posted about it on, so i was pretty sure that i would get fixed for Cubase 6.

So i buy the cubase 6 upgrade and there’s still no fix for that good old function that vanished in an upgrade a few years ago!!
I really miss my old workflow and it gets me mad everytime i have to type it all over again.

It would be very much appreciated if developpers could add a “marker name” option in the naming scheme menu in the next update!



Just upgraded from C4 to 6 and as a film composer, running off cues is that much more time consuming now.

Please reintroduce a naming scheme based on the name and number of the marker. This would improve my workflow out of sight.

Cheers - Brett

That would be super useful, I track a lot of concerts an it seldom makes sense to chop them up into separate projects.


Yes - has been a pain for a lot of users since this features ‘removal’ around the v5 edition; for seemingly no reason; there’s been no explanation; no hundreds of users here or through other channels (‘Hollywood Blockbuster types’ - I’m sure they can’t have complained, really…?!?) screaming to get rid of it; and as you say, no return in subsequent updates…

Or, has it been ‘moved’ up to Nuendo, as a feature more suited to ‘Post’…?

Hope - you - are - reading/listening - steinberg…



I miss this feature. Why remove it?


  • 1 !!!

I just read the 6.0.3. annoncement, and there’s no trace of re-introduction of this practical function that left cubase for already too long…

I’m posting about this issue on this forum and the old cubase forum every once in a while. I did write about the removal of this function after cubase 5, then after 5.5, and now after cubase 6, and each time, i’m not the only one asking for it, can we get it back for the next version please? Is it really complex to put it back as an option or what? That used to be default and was working smoothly for years, must be somewhat simple to work it in again, no?

Everytime i export tracks i get mad at steinberg, i could understand if it was an error, or if someone forgot to code it back with the implementation of the new scheme. But since cubase 5, a tool has been removed from my toolkit, and now, about 5 or 6 software updates later, with multiple post on the forums, it feels to me that steinberg dosen’t care.

I skipped C5 so didn’t realise it was removed. Now on C6 I’m keenly missing this export option. The film guys need this option, please bring it back.


Gotta add a +1 to all that.

SB, is this on the radar anywhere, please…?

Here is the SAD story about this feature:

I used this feature (cycle marker names inserted automatically into the file name field at activating the Mixdown) everytime in Cubase 5.0.1 or so.

Then upgraded to 5.1 where this new naming scheme was introduced and realized this feature was blocked!

I asked one of the member of the Cubase product planning team where is this feature now. I can not copy/paste the exact answer (as this was in the old private forum where nobody can log-in now), however I was shocked so I can tell you by recall:

I was told that this was always “an undocumented feature” (true), “it was accidentally left in the export dialog and from the v5.1 this will NOT work, and the naming scheme does not support it.”
The advice I got from him: “buy Nuendo and you can use that feature there OR downgrade back to 5.0.1.”

Well, I do not like this argument for several reasons:

  1. Should I buy the Nuendo for 1666 euro just to use this feature? :laughing:
  2. Should I downgrade to keep only this feature… com’on, seriously? Is this a solution that satisfy any legal Cubase user? :laughing:
  3. They removed a working and very useful feature for just buisness reasons. :exclamation:

What do you think?

+1 please, a very useful feature.


Yup, would love to see this reintroduced in Cubase.


Hey there,
I’m also doing complete albums in one cubase project, so If I have a wish…


Add your vote here in this public poll as well:

SB, please reintroduce this removed feature in C6 again.

Right said Bredo!

I understand the business logic, they want to earn more money, but these feature removals make lots of users angry.

And the most important thing: these apps should provide value that customers think as a value. Removing a feature like this is a devalution of Cubase. I hate these warped decisions that make the user’s life harder, not easier.