The Near Future

The E-Licenser is Apple M1 native now, the next step will be Cubase and all other software, but it would be nice if there’ll be a bridge for use all plugins, Intel and Arm. Great example is Bitwig, I use the 4.0.5 and I can use all type of plugins without a problem. Excellent implementation of communication protocol.
Just for say, i updated some of my Waves plugins covered to version 13 and from the first use the Arm version is more efficient around of 30% over the Intel version… very promising.
Thank you


Rosetta 2 is the bridge made by Apple. Or am I wrong?

Rosetta 2 translate binary code from Intel to Arm, but when you use an application in native mode (Arm) normally plugins must be native for work. Example, Cubase 11 Intel can loads only Intel plugins version even in Rosetta 2. In the next future, when all plugins are universal binary (Intel,arm) there’s not problem, but in between what happens when Cubase 11 will be released native Apple Silicon? That only the Arm or Universal Binary plugins will be loaded. With a bridge as Bitwig you can load all type…

Add, there is another great vantage to host a plug-in into separate process, to increase the stability of application. When a plug-in crash , crashes only the relative process not all. This is translated into a bit of more processing, but with the power of the actually cpu and the next there is not a problem…