The "New?" Chat Support Dudes


I just gotta say WOW. I USED to have to chat to get another activation because maybe I switched machines or the machine died and the Steinberg Tech Dudes were ALWAYS so CHILL and COOL! Like I kinda wanted to chat with them about nothing because they were solid dudes.

Not these new dudes. These new dudes have to be retrained on basic customer service and just TAKE CARE OF THE CUSTOMER. PERIOD. You see the past logs and you know what the story is.

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For what, specifically, are you trying to get an activation? Incidentally, I see you’ve visited the forum a total of 53 times in the last 11 years. That’s quite an attendance record. I wonder how much you actually know about the “new dudes”.

I may be talking about a different thing than the OP was writing about, apologies if so.

But if he means Steinberg phone tech support: I’ve had occasion to call them twice in the past few months, and I have nothing but the highest praise for their ability, availability and affability!

They were really great both times.

I suspect the OP just read some posts by other forum members and based his opinion on the apparent experiences of others.