The New Control Room Mixer???

I think it’s a question of graphic design polish, and I do agree it could look better. But the overall features more than offset the current lack of visual polish IMO. The basic idea they were shooting for is very solid. But I am hoping that Steinberg spends some more time with their designer and refine things visually… There was a thread in here somewhere about the general MixConsole graphic design where someone had done some simple mockups that looked pretty good, but I can’t seem to find it…

Both, I look at the Control Room Mixer as a sub-feature of the new Mix Console. The design sense used is similar, so refinements of graphic design would theoretically apply to both. One hopes.

I ALWAYS have the CR Mixer open.

I like how the CR Mixer can be made to be a part of the Main Mixer instead of a Floating window.
THe only thing I miss about the old one (so far) is the Meters on each Cue Mix came in handy for me.
Maybe I just haven’t found that yet though.

That´s it.

They are oriented horizontal now instead of vertical.

I think I’ve made my opinion of the new mixer and the CR fairly obvious. I’ve ditched C7 and am back full time in 6.5. I won’t even open it again until the next patch. I tried to use C7 for a tracking/mixing session last weekend. Complete waste of time.

I saw the horizontal Meters on the Studio output but didn’t see them on the Cue outputs.
Are they there?

No, BriHar and me are writing nonsense.
If in doubt, the manual helps…

Just found it.
You can’t see all of them at the same though it seems…

A small meter under each channel would be ok for me

Hold ctrl and click, like in the inspector, to open multiple tabs at once.