The New Guy


After much hemming and hawing (old guy speak) I’ve decided to jump into Nuendo.
I’ve been demoing it on an M1 Mac Mini with 16gb of ram.
I opened up a fairly large session and was shocked at how well it ran under rosetta.
The tipping point for me was the fairly fast rate of development, the reasonable price
(vs Protools Ultimate) and some announcement awhile back regarding your change of copy protection.
Definitely not a fan of yet another key.
I look forward to asking a plethora of silly questions and learning a lot.




Welcome to the forum I think you will like Nuendo very much.

Greetings @stephenfalk1!

Excellent choice! Old Pro Tools HD/HDX user here also. I was a die-hard Pro Tools evangelist for so many years. But my growing frustrations with Avid and their pricing policies was making it impossible to stay on PT. Nuendo has so many incredible features that no other DAW has. You’re gonna love it! :slight_smile:

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Great to have you guys onboard the NUENDO family!

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Not to want to hijack this thread, but coming from PC world, what does a new M1 Mac with basic Thunderbolt, graphics card etc., cost these days in US terms, and does it work out cheap enough with a laptop?

Example hardware, might be: Motu, RME, SonicCore or Prism Audio so how well are drivers supported these days, or will I be up for a new platform the following year?

Too many Laptops, exhibit high DPC, so how is the new chip?