The new help portal is very, very good

I once remarked on how the previous help section was a bit lacking and unclear and a fella around these parts disagreed with my assessment.

Anyway, this is great. A good idea. Steinberg


The online situation, with respect to Support has certainly improved, as has the mechanism for using the software.

I recently did a (Windows) OS refresh, which was easy in and of itself, a Cloud install, while keeping original programs.

Next, I downloaded the Steinberg Activation Manager, I had forgotten to deactivate a license on the previous device, so I logged into the Steinberg website and did that, then I activated Nuendo on the new system (1 install at present) which was painless.

I installed the Steinberg Library Manager using the .msi file and N13, again using only the .msi file, which was painless, no bloat; thank you SB!

I subsequently Installed N12, using of course, just the .msi file provided and it works absolutely fine.

I really love how SB lets you use previous product versions, it makes my life so much easier, not to mention having project compatibility between the latest and previously supported versions.

As for the Help system, web pages are always best, even if using the internet isn’t best practice for DAW’s since they work better on mobile phones, are searchable and are up to date in terms of content, and feedback can be offered from end users, as well as posted in forums.

I completely agree.

Steinberg products have been, since the new authorization system, flawless to use and activate/deactivate.
Not once have I had an issue, it simply works well every time. Updates are easy to perform and quick to download.

And yes, being able to keep using previous versions is great indeed!

Might, you mean nothing that you could not correct yourself, without some kind of help information document.

It’s far better. Love it too. It would be nice to have a DARK MODE option, like the forum does, for my poor eyes… It burnssss it burnssss…

I agree with all of them. This is great. A big step forward. Congratulations to Steinberg.

No, I mean since I started using it, it always worked in a straightforward way, and I didn’t have any trouble at all.

But I’m referring to the new authorization system, not Steinberg problems as a whole.