The new icons

Thanks Steinberg for delivering 10 so early this year. Hopefully a nice version.

One major complaint from my side. It hurts my eyes when looking at the new icon look / coloring. This is nothing which my eyes are used to, when working with Cubase.

This is something what I never understand, users are used to use the icons and stuff they know. And the icons were good as they were. For whatever reason was it necessary to replace proven things with this strange look ?! I personally think it would be much better, to be a little more conservative about GUI changes and not simply change for the sake of doing a change.

This white on dark grey is neither friendly to my eyes, nor does it look better. It simply looks more simple, clumsy, less defined, less elegant, it looks simply cheap minimalistic.

I would be very glad if the old icons could be brought back. Sorry I hope I do not hurt your emotions, somebody surely spend some time, but this is something which I personally regard as not so clever change … completely unnecessary and makes the look cheap. It makes nothing better, it simply robs the overview and creates a completely unneccessary feeling not to be familiar with this product.

Screenshot old vs new:

I agree. The old ones look way better than the new ones. Also the old ones are easier on the eyes.
At the very least, this could be made an option tho choose from in the preferences.
But I really hope the old Icons will find they way back. Please Steinberg.

I am so glad, that I am not the only one with this perception, thanks for your post.
And yes I would also have expected that changes like this are developed in a more “defensive” way to offer options to choose between the two
and not forcing the whole userbase to use it as a must which is really not good for the eyes.
I refuse to work with 10 because it is really no fun.

Yeah, change for the sake of change with no real reason…really annoying.

I agree. I don’t like them. Would be nice to have themes of buttons, so we can choose how nice / horrible our workspace is.

I have had to soften the entire background colour to make it less bleak.

Agree 100%. It looks like it’s shifting into that Ableton territory. Not a fan.

That was my first urgh… worse thing is… Looking at your picture at the right for instance, it takes up more space not less. Then I opened the Transpot window F2. OK! How could they go there so extremely… This was the holy grail of Cubase. The bottom bar being as such, I could get used to but this is not good for F2.

There seems to be a resize bug with the pre section in mixer.

It looks better to me. Good work

Yes fully agree, the transport window (F2) is also a full victim of this minimalistic and unergonomic / not eye friendly design.

If this doesn’t change I have to think about to stay on 9.5.* and to give back 10.
Need to look tomorrow if there is a way to cancel this online purchase.

This eye unfriendly unergonomic design is nothing I want to work with. This is not worth the money and hassles afterwards.

It definitely seems looking more like Ableton, which IMO doesn’t suit Cubase at all. The previous version did look much more slick and elegant.
I mean, if ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

It’s more an incentive to not use it and concentrate on keycommands.

I don’t like it either BUT I also didn’t like 9.x when switching from a very old version. That being said it’s just about getting used to just like Windows had its fair share of UI iterations.

I’d love a bright setting though.

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Has this change been reverted meanwhile ?
They are not so ergonomic, it’s more difficult to recognize the function behind it, it’s simply uncomfortably to work with.
Please make it at least configurable for users.