the new instrument rack... thoughts?

Guys…and gals…

Anyone else thoroughly annoyed with the new VST instrument rack? I just wanted to quickly see if maybe i’m the idiot here, and am doing something wrong. :laughing: I’m having one HELL of a time adjusting to it. My biggest quandry, is one that’s so simply its almost silly: when I hit F11, there’s a good 2-3 second lag before the rack pops up… and sometimes NOT AT ALL! Like, I almost have to DOUBLE-CLICK F11 to get it to come up.

Is there a way I can do away with this in some setting preference somewhere and revert to the standard VSTi list?? That one had NO lag, and popped up every single time i hit F11, not just when it felt like it. :slight_smile:

It’s REALLY putting a damper on the creative process here. Not to mention, i can only see a few of them at a time, not a whole bunch like before. ARGH! I hate adjusting to new stuff when you’re in the groove of the old way. But then, i guess nothing would get improved.

(sigh) I miss 6.5

just got back into the studio and freshly installed 7.5 so i havent had enough time to give a valid opinion (in my opinion;))
so far so good…- f11 brings up the rack instantly (no lag whatsoever) - mind you , my machine is a core2duo…:open_mouth:

might wanna check… something…:stuck_out_tongue:
hope this helps=)

You might want to join in with this thread in the Feature Requests and Suggestions section.

I’ve the same issue, F11 instrument rack 2-3 seconds lag. Maybe OSX related?

Holy Moly! wow looks like i’m NOT the only one. Well that takes down a degree of frustration I spose. hehe I will definitely chime in.

rpaillot… no that ain’t it… i’m on Windows 7.

No issues with new vst rack here pops up instantly and I actually like it more than the old one, it was one of the reasons I updated to 7.5. It reminds me of Reason :smiley:

Hmm… on windows 8.1 here and don’t see it either. Just opened 10 instances of halion sonic and loaded up some instruments in each to see if it would slow it, but it’s still snappy. Do you notice this to happen as you add more instruments, 3rd party instruments, or as your RAM fills up perhaps? Or does it do it right out of the gate, no instruments loaded at all?

Working 100% & snappy, here…even with 3rd party plugs!

This is clearly a Mac issue, and takes up to 5 seconds on m y Mac with 20+ instruments loaded.

My workaround is to use Workspaces, and have the instrument rack loaded, bit hidden behind the project. When you need it, just cmd ` and it comes to the front instantly.

When you change workspace, it’s loaded up quietly in the background.

The OP is using Windows

Yeah, the OP has windows listed in his signature, so unless he’s talking about behavior on a different machine, then sounds like he’s seeing it on that platform as well. I still can’t personally reproduce the issue though.

Could be a buglet but try a simple attempt to fix first by defragging your Cubase drive a couple of times. On some systems this is useful to do after any major installation or update, including any Windows updates. No harm to the system and it might sharpen up some things.

Ooops! Not just Mac, then. Sorry, I saw that most people here with this problem are on Mac.

Well, it’s a problem for sure!

F11 used to open the VST instrument window instantly. Now it pops-up 3 seconds or more after clicking F11. I’m on windows 7.

Steinberg, is this on the fix list?