The new license scheme is crap!

Hi everyone,
for decades now I am happy with the flawlessly working dongle-protection scheme. It never failed, as long as I had the dongle at hand.

Why change a perfectly running system, and switch to the unreliability of a internet-connection?
Why not leave the choice, to stay on the dongle?
Your opinion?
I am currently without a WaveLab 11 Pro license, because some instance of the new protection scheme “forgot” my license.



Because the type of USB connectors is changing and over time everybody needs a new eLicenser for USB-C or whatever is coming. Btw. Hardware can fail and it does.

Most new computer do not have the old USB-A or Micro USB ports anymore, so you need more hardware, like a hub.

See above…
The Internet connection is needed once for activation, after that it is not required anymore. So what is the problem here?

Where did it forget the license? On your computer or in your profile? Login to mySteinberg, go to your profile and check the license there. A bit more detail could help

The license was lost when I re-installed Wavelab, after it stopped working with my RME UCX. I was unaware that the Steinberg Download Assistant installed the 11.2 update, which should not be a problem at all. But it was. My license had disapeared from the e-license controller, and support would only give me a WaveLab Elements activation number, which I did not need.
I found out how to solve the problem myself, by using my original Download Access Code from the original receipt, when I upgraded to WaveLab Pro. By using that in Steinberg Activation Manager, I re-installed, and presto, it works again!

I hope this helps others with the same problem.

I still think, the new protection schemes is crap. I actually own a USB hub (as anybody else here…), so I have no problems at all to connect to any type of USB.

Well, that is your opinion and that is ok. I have a different opinion and are happy to not carry this stick around and always hope I don’t lose it.

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That is not possible, the code is a one time code, and it ever was.

You are wrong!
I just proved it, by doing just that. Even support is happy that I found this solution…



Support pages say this:

Can I enter the same Download Access Code more than once?

Typically, this is not necessary, as the redeemed license is connected to your Steinberg ID automatically.
However, if an error occurred during the code redemption in the Steinberg Download Assistant, it may help to restart the redemption process again at a later point. Note, that this will only resume interrupted code redemptions, but it does not grant any individual new license entitlements on other systems.

Well, thanks for the details, but I don’t really care about the inner workings.
The only thing important to me, is to not have any downtime, while a customer is breathing down my neck. And that just happened. Thats why I am not too fond about the new protection scheeme. I wish, people who want to, could choose to stay on the dongle.

However, this happened, while Steinberg Download Manager was installing an update instead of the previous version. You might want to look into that…


I’m sorry, but to provide a misleading statement as a solution or a part of a solution, could hinder others to find the right solution to their problem.

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That is not misleading, it is something to try when you are on your own! It can’t do any harm, so what… Especially when support is not able to solve your problem in 3 days.


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Personally, I agree that the having an option to either run a dongle or e-licence would have been more desirable for some users. But I can also understand why this might not have been an option from a technical standpoint.

As you have found out, there are a number things that ‘do not happen’ but in the real world do with the transition.

I am happy that you found the solution.

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I agree! This new licencing scheme was ill conceived from the get go. Why Steinberg chose to do things they way they did them is just plain WEIRD and I doubt if they ran it past their “beta testers” or any one else before deciding to implement it.

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