The New MIDI Remote is

For now we decided to stick with the Quick Controls as the decoupling layer of choice.
but why only 8 Quick Controls???


Looks like i am alone with my questions. Could talk to a wall, would have the same effect :frowning: .

I agree, Quick Controls is a fairly limited abstraction to use as a decoupling layer.

It also restricts what can be achieved by a hardware controller - I could see some awesome things I could do with my Faderfox EC4 - but because plugins have been abstracted way, there’s no way to even see what’s possible.

I think what is really missing here is a ‘discovery’ type API for VST Plugins and VST Instruments that could make all manner of funky workflows possible. I mean this must be available under the hood in Cubase today, as you can see the plugins describe their parameters in Generic Remote - but it’s limited/tied to the specific track / insert slot. Would be awesome to be able to cycle through every open instance of a plug and control that with a hardware controller in the same fashion

In current form The New MIDI Remote is useless. It is less useful then old generic editor. And generic editor is very limited as well. It’s strange because with Quick Controls I can controll 95% of what I want…but only 8 is not enought.

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Totally agree.

IMO, it’s only useful for supporting really old controllers that don’t have Mackie or HUI Emulation.

If that was the intent, then it was a success… but I am guessing now, since everything else has been deprecated and labeled as Legacy/Slated for Removal in the application GUI.

This update also seemed to break some things on the “legacy” side, as well.

This is why I put this request in, pages/layers exist within the remote setups so it’s possible to manually change VSTi pages as per my post:-

If SB provide the option to change pages via the MIDI Remote then we should have a much more flexible system. What’s frustrating is that it’s already there via mouse wheel, it just needs a MIDI control mechanism. (Which you’d hope is a simple addition).

Ok, so that’s not perfect if you want to assign 16,24,32 controls in a single page - but it’s an advancement to provide us banks of 8.


Now, we have generic editor doomed to extinction, New crippled MIDI Remote and 8 Quick Controls. I have 16 buttons/16 knobs midi fighter twister and it perfectly working in Lightroom but it’s almost useless in C12. Pity.


It is worrying that it is easier to use midi controller with photo editing software than 600 EUR DAW. Personally I have been married to Cubase since ST but if I were younger…well.

The Remote Control Editor (RCE) does exactly this, but is limited to certain controllers. I use Bome Midi Translator Pro with the Mackie C4. I fool Cubase into thinking it is a Mackie MCU. I can use all the parameters that i setup in the RCE. If there are more then 32 parameters, i just page to the next 32. So I guess it is either a licensing thing why we do not have that or it will maybe come in a future update.

I wished the Midi Remote would be as simple as Bome´s Midi Translator. It would be a relief for every “normal” user.

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This is due to the plugins vendors. Their plugins report a size of 0 (as width and height) just after creating the UI of the plugin. This leads to resize issue in the plugin header including the attachment of the top right buttons…
You should contact these vendors and inform them about this issue. If they need more info they could contact Steinberg.


I can follow your reasoning to do it generic and I agree from a Cubase UI perspective. The new MIDI Remote UI should be generic of course.
I’m out of the generic scope as soon as I write 1 line of code as this code is specific to a controller and specific to an application. I don’t want to write generic scripts as I want to support my very specific workflow and plugins. I hope I can contribute to a solution oriented discussion. I like the concept so far (incl. JavaScript) and it has a lot of potential. I dream of possibilities like the Live Script Engine allows…

I will DM you with the bug report.

Keep on the good work on the new MIDI Remote API.


Just want to report that the Behringer Xtouch mini works REALLY great here. And values reflect immediately on the LED rings around controllers and on buttons.

Super easy. All I miss right now is the ability to adress specific channels, so generic remote got some love for that purpose.

Cheap, small and simple. Couldn’t get any better.

So how about you share your script here? So that others can enjoy this like you do.

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Yeah. No problem. Here it is. But I don’t think it’s necessarily very useful for anyone else - it depends a bit on my specific setup.
My Xtouch (2.8 KB)

I’m very excited about the new Midi Remote for the ease of creating mappings. For simple and quick mappings it works great!

So I’m hoping that it will quickly gain at least a couple of additional features to become useful for more ambitious setups:.

All of these have been mentioned previously, so I just want to add my voice to the chorus of requests:

Remote Control for VST Quick Control Pages

As several forum posters, including @skijumptoes has requested (I’ve used one of my few forum votes in support as well), the main thing I’m missing in the Quick Controls is to remotely change the pages.

This is a really, really big deal to create a more useful hardware surface for modern instrument plugins and more elaborate fx plugins (for example guitar pedalboard).

While I’ve been able to effectively get to 16 Quick Controls via utilizing the Track Quick Controls in addition to the VST Quick Controls, that doesn’t solve the real issue.

Controlling Audio Insert chain

As a few others have already mentioned, the second biggest thing I’m missing in the new Midi Remote is the ability to control the Insert chain via the Selected Track hierarchy.

For 8 insert parameters this can be worked around via using the Track VST Controls, but anything beyond 8 doesn’t seem possible.

So for that use case, I still need the Generic Remote.

Mapping a PlayStop button

EDIT / Correction: This does work - I just needed a hint from @Jochen_Trappe in another thread:

Here’s how it worked for me:


Family issues haha

Why a decoupling layer at all?

Lua would have been preferable if performance is the concern, but if you look at Logic, which also uses JavaScript, where is the decoupling layer there?

Something doesn’t make sense here. We are not working with all of the information. It isn’t clear what Steinberg is trying to do when they seem to intentionally set limitations. It can’t possibly be a lack of skill. It isn’t a lack of understanding what they are competing with. So there has to be some reason. I just want to understand what that is.

It is, I converted my generic remote with transport controls. The only issue is that it is a key command, so without writing a script and just using the UI, the result will be that there is no feedback to the device for lighting the button.

But then there wasn’t in the Generic Remote either.

Also be aware that the Track Controls such as monitor, mute, solo, record, write, read. Any of the buttons on a channel strip for the selected track will NOT work for MIDI tracks. For those you will also have to use the “edit” key commands, and therefore also have no feedback to the button on the device.

Was that intended to have more than one page?
When I move the JSON from one computer to another it doesn’t seem to bring along more than the UI setup and the bindings for the default page.

… but in the Generic Remote I could make a different output mapping from the input mapping, so I could get the LED to behave properly.