The new naming scheme

With all previous Cubase versions, i used to select a cycle marker just before exporting and then the file would have the project + the marker name, it was saving me a lot of time. Since i updated cubase to 5.5.x, that feature seems gone. Is there a way to do that now or do i have to type all the songs name again and again every time i export an album?

Is this the same issue you mean…?
Export: Filnames from cycle loops

If so, maybe C6 will be your friend… See my post in that thread at the bottom - I think the issue got corrected in Nuendo 5… so, fingers crossed, eh…?

Exported files take on the name of the last saved file AFAIK.

@Puma : Yes, that’s exactly the same problem!
So you tell me i’ll have to buy the next cubase to get a fix?
Basically, i have to shell out 300$ bucks to get a old function back.
And on this Cubase 6, it surely will have new bugs and flaws so then, to get the fix i’ll have to buy another new cubase? :unamused:

The behavior was changed so to use the same filename each time thus negating the need to rename time and again.